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UniCredit Bank case study

UniCredit Bank wanted to reach a wider range of clients. UI Farm helped them increase the conversion rates of their mobile pages.

UniCredit Bank, a leading European commercial bank headquartered in Italy, wants to leverage the increasing use of smartphones to reach a wider range of clients.

To do so, they contacted UI Farm, the London-based web agency I co-founded that specialised in device-agnostic responsive design.

It’s 2013. In Italy, a small percentage of people uses smartphones to go online; even fewer to make purchases.

Together, we devised a content strategy to build trust through the user interface.

This is a case study I’ve been working on lately. I chose it to represent the way I think and work because I’m still very proud of it.

Working on case studies is not just something UX designers have to do, it’s a good exercise too. Considering what went well and what didn’t can help balance our memories.

Reminiscing about the work done for UniCredit boosted my confidence and energy. If you have the time to read it, I hope you enjoy it.

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