Instagram’s camera-on bug

Instagram is reportedly fixing the camera-on bug, which was discovered by a user while testing Apple’s iOS 14 beta version.

The upcoming iOS 14 alerts users every time apps access phone features like clipboard and camera. A person who is testing the beta version found out that Instagram switches the camera — and arguably the microphone — on when browsing the feed.

An Instagram spokesperson said the behaviour is a bug, which is being fixed. Last year, Facebook fixed a similar issue. Apple’s new privacy notifications are going to be incredibly useful to understand whether and how apps are violating our privacy. I hope this will be the start of better practices and transparency.

Many don’t trust Facebook and its practices. Do you trust Instagram more, even if it’s clearer they’re part of the same company? I don’t. These bugs are worrying and I believe we should always be in control of our devices and data.

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  • 💬 Simone – When these companies get caught while snooping, it's always a 'bug'.
  • ↪️ Silvia Maggi – @Simone Yes, it sounds dodgy, and it’s hardly a poster for privacy and security, whether they’re doing it on purpose or not.

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