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Today I Saw

With the intent of staying away from social media, I started Today I Saw: a series where I post one photo and a few thoughts about it.

It’s that itch again. Today I saw something I like but can’t take a picture. Or, I can and do, but it’s doesn’t work on Instagram. 

It happens a lot of times: I even wrote a post called How Instagram Drained My Creativity, where I described what made me appreciate photography again. More than a year later, I’ve yet to free myself from the loop of brief satisfaction of the numbers and the desire to have more.

Breaking The Loop

The stark reality is that the recipe for success on Instagram is merely a way to keep people on the platform, and the number of followers, comments and likes are not an indication of the quality of your work. This doesn’t take away from the people that are successful on the platform, they deserve it. 

That is one of the reasons why I’m going to take a long pause from it and post here instead: my online home. 

I will write more about this choice but, in the meantime, let me tell you more about this photo.

What I Like About Today’s Photo

I saw it yesterday, while out in the garden. I liked the shimmers of light on the abandoned cobweb and the fact that it is attached to our now dry flowers. It’s a stark contrast to the way they looked a few months ago.

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By Silvia Maggi

I'm a UX Designer based in Italy. I strive to create meaningful, user-centric experiences. On my blog, I write about about design, tech, their implications in our lives and the occasional photography work.

4 replies on “Today I Saw”

Thank you, Mel! That’s true, and I guess the most important thing is to be happy about the photos we take, no matter what. But I don’t think I can be happy on Instagram, not now, because of the loop I’ve mentioned.

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