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Design, Digested #9: Facebook Can’t Beat Hate, The Uncensored Library and ‘Get Bad News’


‘They don’t think it’s important’: Ellen Pao on why Facebook can’t beat hate

Ellen Pao talks about the lessons she learned and the mistakes she made while working to detoxify Reddit in 2014. She explains why it’s clear that Facebook doesn’t take content moderation seriously.

Read the article on The Guardian.

The web was made for this moment — let’s make it safe, empowering for everyone

As it became clear during the past six months, the web is a lifeline, not a luxury. And yet, 3.5 billion people don’t have access. While it makes the case for it as a universal right, the following article explains that access to the internet needs to be meaningful

Read the article on World Wide Web Foundation.

RSF opens “The Uncensored Library” – The digital home of Press Freedom within a global computer game

Press freedom NGO Reporters Without Borders, in collaboration with design studio BlockWorks, built “The Uncensored Library” within Minecraft. The library, which is filled with books containing articles that were censored in their country of origin, is a safe haven for press freedom

Read the article on Reporters Without Borders (RSF) website.


Get Bad News

Take on the role of fake news-monger and build up your fake credibility as a news site in this game aimed at recognizing online disinformation. Find a junior version of the game in the “Info & other languages” section. 

Play the game on the website.


Global design competition to help fight Covid-19

From soap tattoos to self-cleaning lockers, professors and students around the world are trying to find ways to solve the novel problems we’re facing with the coronavirus.

Watch the video on CNN.

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