A selection of case studies, past works and side projects. My mission is to create interactions that serve people and businesses best, through careful research and design. I believe in designing for good and sustainability. This website is living proof of the internet I like.

Case studies

Screens showing UniCredit landing pages and forms

UniCredit acquisition landing pages and forms

UniCredit Bank wanted to reach a wider range of clients. I helped them increase the conversion rates of their mobile pages.

Composite of storyboard and wireframes - Notification app for travellers

How can you design a product that helps travellers prepare and acclimatize fast for their trip so they don't miss a minute of fun?

Wireframes screens showing interaction

Turtle nest monitoring app

Scientists need to monitor turtle nests and record their status to measure the effectiveness of strategies to protect the aquatic megafauna and their habitats.

They trusted me

Elite New York
Women Management New York
APM New York
Not On The High Street
Supreme Management

Side projects

Concentration camp gate entrance

After 1989. A Trip To Freedom

After 1989 is Minutes to Midnight’s debut solo album, and an emotional journey. I documented it through photography and created two music videos.