Women Management corporate website

WOMEN Management is a global model agency based in New York, now part of Elite.

Women Management's corporate website on different devices
Women Management website redesign


Rebrand of the existing website, create a site to work on multiple devices and with the ability to manage content. The other five agencies’ website had the same need.

What I did

Together with my colleagues at UI Farm, I developed the site based on the provided design on a custom WordPress framework, allowing the client to fully manage the content, including a blog.


  • Multi-city main menu, with custom drop-down sub-menu when needed.
  • Multi-columns layout with latest news and social feeds (Instagram and Twitter) for the agency. In the model pages this changes to the model’s related latest news and social feeds.
  • Integrated with Women Management’s backend model booking system and social media content.
Women Management's board
Women Management board
  • Models board, using our custom responsive grid, adapted for all devices.
  • Clicking on a letter, a smooth scrolling animation points to the correct models names.
  • On mobile and tablet devices, the grid adapts to the different features. Big letters are “tappable” to open and close the related models.

We implemented a responsive full screen carousel, to go through the model’s portfolio. A custom feature allows users to print a PDF version of the related book.

Women Management model portfolio
Women Management model portfolio
Women Management's fullscreen gallery
Women Management model fullscreen gallery

Client review

We felt the need to renew our web presence and reach out to our rapidly growing mobile users, and after very careful consideration we selected UI Farm due to their impressive mobile web design & development credentials. Sergio Leccese, C.F.O.

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