- Notification app for travellers - Notification app for travellers


How can you design a product that helps travellers prepare and acclimatize fast for their trip so they don’t miss a minute of fun?


The prototype of a mobile app that lets people set up alerts about weather changes, and notifications from local authorities.

My role

Solo project, where I explored the process from finding the users’ needs to visual design.

User story

When I travel I want to what to expect so I can enjoy my stay from start to finish.


Wanderer Jill
Wanderer Jill

Jill enjoys travelling and often plans a weekend away. Whether to ski or to relax on a beach, she worries her trips will be ruined if she doesn’t know enough about her destination. It happened a few times already.
She is used to spending time researching a destination, but it feels like only local people are prepared for certain types of events. As her job keeps her increasingly busy, Jill would love to find a smart way to stay in the know.


  1. Jill visits the web version of the app before travelling. She checks the weather and all the available information and advice.
  2. She starts her trip to Chamonix.
  3. Upon arrival, she sets up the alerts.
  4. On a day when she wanted to ski, the weather is forecast to change dramatically for the worst.
  5. Jill can change plans in time.
  6. She makes the most of her day.
Paper storyboard
Paper storyboard

User flow

Let’s explore what are the steps Jill will take to set up the alerts. First, she decides to allow notifications. Then, she selects the destination, a date range for her stay, and what type of alerts she wants.

Any important weather changes or communication from the local authorities will trigger notifications on her phone.

Notification setup user flow
Notification setup user flow


Setting up the alerts.

Alert setup sketches
Alert setup sketches

Receiving the notifications.

Notification sketches
Notification sketches


I used the wireframes to test the solution, and subsequently iterated based on the feedback received.

App wireframes and flow on Figma
App wireframes and flow on Figma

Visual design

Following feedback from travellers and interviewers, I’ve updated the design of the app to be:

  • Simpler. The initial idea was for it to be a tool that does one thing: setting up alerts to avoid travel uncertainties.
  • More private. People shouldn't need to create an account to receive notifications.
App main screens
App main screens
Notification received
Notification received

Previous version

With the intent of guiding the users through an intuitive procedure to set up the alerts, I:

  • added more navigational elements (breadcrumbs) to help them know where they are and how long is the process;
  • used typography and colour to highlight hierarchy and functionality;
  • took care of the details and consistency of the interface.
App visual design and flow in Figma
App visual design and flow in Figma


Try the prototype — fullscreen available using the controls within the container below.


Starting from the straightforward process of setting up alerts, this app has potential. It can have discussion forums and be a place where to share travel experiences, make new friends and even meet them to explore new places together. Although, the market offers similar tools — e.g. Tripadvisor — and I believe apps should be helping as opposed to creating more noise in people’s lives. should be an app you set up and forget.


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