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The time I made two music videos

After 1989: A trip to freedom‘ is my husband Simone‘s debut solo album, and an emotional journey. I documented it with pictures and created two music videos.

It’s been a while since I wanted to publish this project, and today I finally did. Because it seemed to be less important than the UX case studies, and I didn’t know how to present it, I postponed it indefinitively.

Now that my portfolio is in good shape, it felt right to choose the photos, review the videos and tell the story of my collaboration with Simone.

I had the idea of making it always visible in my portfolio as a side project only very recently, as a way to give an immediate idea of who I am and what I do.

Not that making music videos is something I always do, on the contrary. But I loved it, as it gave me the opportunity to measure myself with a medium I wasn’t very familiar with – video.

Storytelling is important in my profession, and in every case there is a message we want to pass.

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