Shutter Hub Open Exhibition 2017 at Retina Photography Festival

I am excited and honoured to announce that my photo The Day I Glimpsed Inside Your Soul will be part of the Shutter Hub Open Exhibition 2017, at the Retina Scottish International Photography Festival.

The Day I Glimpsed Inside Your Soul
The Day I Glimpsed Inside Your Soul

The photo tells the story of thousands of people who walked through the gate of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Oranienburg, on the outskirts of Berlin. Sadly, for too many of them, it was a one-way journey. Others were lucky enough to live through it.

My husband’s grandfather was one of them. He managed to escape from the camp, a few weeks before the Red Army stormed into Berlin. Without looking back, he started the long journey that eventually brought him back home in Italy, after five years of imprisonment.

The photo tells a personal story too, of a grandchild retracing his grandfather’s steps, from the train station through the gate, imagining the horror, the fear, the cold. The chill still painfully palpable. Both men turned their back to the gate and never looked back, 71 years apart.

The exhibition runs from 2–30 of July 2017, in beautiful Edinburgh.

Shutter Hub Open Flyer 2017
Shutter Hub Open Flyer 2017

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