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Pictures that make me happy

During the past sweltering weekend, I looked for a few pictures to make my website more personal: not many other things in photography make me happy as nature and a shallow depth of field.

Red garden flowers

As my main website is purely for introduction to my work and experience, I didn’t want big photos to steal the visitor’s attention. But they needed to represent me, which I think they do.

A ladybird inside a bamboo that holds a tomatoe plant
A bee on yellow and orange garden flowers

I took them a few years ago when we first planted meadow flowers in our garden. It was also the first time we gave a shot at growing tomatoes from seeds. Good memories.

Spanish bluebells

The swirly effect in most of the pictures is courtesy of the Helios 44M lens that I use when there is plenty of time to compose and take the shot. It feels like carefully crafting something important. That is one of the factors that make me happy about them.

These photos featured on the previous version of my website.

Photos © Silvia Maggi


  • 💬 Forestwood – I love the first photo. Amazing red flowers, and such intensity in the main object of focus.
  • ↪️ Silvia Maggi – @Forestwood Thank you so much, Amanda! That photo is my favourite too. We never had those beautiful flowers again in our garden, so I'm glad I took the picture.
  • ↪️ Forestwood – @Silvia A photo to treasure, for sure.

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