Photography rut and little things in my garden

Having an ongoing photo project is good, as it helps seeing things around us with a different perspective and noticing details usually overlooked in our day-to-day life.

My ongoing project is about the changes in nature and sky on my way to work with my bicycle. It began in July 2016, around the time I started a new job in Cambridge.

Longer Days on River Cam
Longer Days on River Cam

I take pictures with a mobile phone and upload them on the website at the end of each season. My intention is to finish it by July 2017, but I don’t feel so enthusiastic about it as I have been up until the end of last year.

I still appreciate the wonderful landscapes around the river Cam, the fresh air and freedom of commuting without using public transport. Most of the times though, I just enjoy the panorama without taking any picture. The truth is, I’m in a photography rut.

To try to get out of it, I’m bringing the camera with me at work. This alone doesn’t help though, as I end up taking the same pictures over and over again.

March 2017, River Cam after work. Canon + Helios-44M
March 2017, River Cam after work. Canon + Helios-44M

So today I equipped my camera with a delightful Helios-44M lens, pointed it to the small things in my garden, and saw beautiful colours.

A change of scenery might get me out of the photography rut.

Photos © Silvia Maggi

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