New journey and new blog

New journey and new blog for my husband and I to record our thoughts, experiences and memories. After nine years since we moved to the UK, we’re going back to our home country, Italy, where we’ll stay until the pandemic is under control.

It feels like hitting the reset button: a much-needed pause to regroup and understand where to go next. An event like this requires a place to record our thoughts, experiences and memories. And we’ll do it, both in English and in Italian, on the blog Oregano Dangereux.

The first post is below. I’d be glad if you’d like to accompany us on this journey.

Of all Summers we spent in the UK, this is one of the few that feels English. It’s warm, but it’s raining a lot. It changes continually. It’s the …

English Summer Rain

By Silvia Maggi

I'm a UX Designer based in Italy. I strive to create meaningful, user-centric experiences. On my blog, I write about about design, tech, their implications in our lives and the occasional photography work.

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