Isolation photo diary

Between the ups and downs of the global pandemic and lockdown, I kept taking pictures. I intended to have a photo diary to describe my take on isolation and the extraordinary circumstances we're living.

Hand on matress between pillows
Undone bed

Time seemed to have lost its meaning; some days were painfully long, while it felt like Spring ended too quickly.

Plant and lamp over white chest of drawers
Holding hands

As family and friends were safe, it became clear that mulling over the news and social media was not an option.

Hand reaching over small flowers in the garden
Wild flowers

Instead, it’s been a period of introspection, studies and observations, alternated with moments of anxiety because of the lack of clarity on the future.

I’m still mostly isolating and avoiding all unnecessary activities. Nevertheless, it feels like this isolation photo diary should be over, and give way to a different period, one with hope and plans in sight.

Dandelion in the garden
Blown dandelion in the garden

Photos © Silvia Maggi

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