GIRL TOWN Tel Aviv – Shutter Hub Exhibition

The GIRL TOWN exhibition, of which I am very proud to be part, moved to Tel Aviv and ran from 8 of February to 9 of March 2018 at the Alfred Gallery.

The GIRL TOWN exhibition, which I am very proud to be part of, moved to Tel Aviv and will be running from the 8th of February to the 9th of March 2018 at the Alfred Gallery.

Quoting from Shutter Hub:

GIRL TOWN, originally shown at Photomonth East London International Photography Festival in 2016, is an investigative exhibition celebrating the culture of the female in the 21st century. Curated through Instagram, the exhibition has allowed female and male photographers from all over the world to share their interpretation of what it means to be female today, in a time of constant socio-political and economic change.

Shutter Hub shared impressions, reactions and photos from the private view, head over their website to read more:

About Shutter Hub

The photography organisation providing opportunities, support and networking for creative photographers worldwide.

About Alfred Institute

Alfred Gallery is run by a group of artists who set out to create a cooperative space and who now, 12 years later, welcome international exhibitions and collaborative projects to their massive space in Simtat Shlush.

By Silvia Maggi

UX Designer & Photographer.

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