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Postcards from Emilia-Romagna

As the region has been hardly hit by heavy rain, floods, and landslides, I want to celebrate it with some pictures taken a few days before it all started. And there are more linked at the end of the post.

Seaside scene at dusk, the last sunlight hits the restaurant at the end of the pier

Ravenna is one of the places I can call home, which it had actually been for a year between 2020 and 2021. Family and friends are here, never short of good humour and laughter.

Yellow small flowers on a sandy path along the riverside on a sunny spring day
The hiking area just outside Casalborsetti
The end of the ride for river Lamone, with an orange fishing hut stealing attention and many small boats nearby
Where river Lamone meets the Adriatic sea
Tracks of the tractors cleaning the wide beach before the season starts
The beach in Marina di Ravenna

Other pictures

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