By night

With shorter and colder days, sometimes it's difficult to find the right time to go out and take some pictures.

It is still too dark when commuting back from work, so I started taking pictures by night, even though I was never comfortable doing so. I wasn’t sure my camera could handle the low light conditions very well, and probably my hands weren’t steady enough to avoid bringing a tripod.

Whatever the result, I enjoyed trying. When it’s darker, the world slows down a bit, even in very busy crossroads. Thanks to Justin Carey whose talk at the Shutter Hub Open Exhibition in July 2016 convinced me — and everyone else in the room — that everything is more interesting at night.

Photo © Silvia Maggi


  • 💬 Justin – This is so awesome Silvia! Seems like I will need to learn from you. Love it!
  • ↪️ Silvia Maggi – @Justin I really doubt that Justin! Thank you, I'm glad you liked it

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