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A glimpse of the sea

A short holiday in Cromer, and the excitement of getting to the sea, reminded me of my childhood summer holidays.

The beach and sea seen from a hotel window
The Nothern sea from a window

As a kid, the biggest event of the year was waking up incredibly early to reach the southern regions of Italy for almost a month-long holiday.

I would spend hours in the backseat of the car, with a stereo, cassettes, a few books and a pillow. I used to wake up at dawn, turn my head left, and see the first sunlight of the day refracting on Lake Lesina. Further ahead, a small stripe of land and then, barely visible, the sea.

The glimpse of the sea marked the start of the holiday. That sight was one of the most joyful feelings. Today, not much changed.

The sea seen at the end of a little street in Cromer, UK
A glimpse of the sea

Going toward the sea, sneaking peeks at it from a distance. Wanting to reach it as quick as possible, though deciding to walk slowly, waiting for the panorama to open up.

The sea seen at the end of a little street in Cromer, UK
A glimpse of the sea

Sea towns are fascinating. To me, they will always have similarities, even if they are in different countries. Somehow, they all feel like home, even if I had never lived near the sea.

A man with feet up on a chair facing the sea in a hotel room

Dramatic tides have been a completely new feature for me. The seascape changes continually, revealing new perspectives on what we face every day.

As much as a sunny day at the sea is perceived as good, I crave the overcast ones. The gentle light and subdued colours seem to reveal details otherwise overlooked under the sunlight.

Photos © Silvia Maggi

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