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A perfect day

Notes and pictures at the end of a long and hot summer. A holiday in Italy.

Rough sea on a clear day. A pier made of rock on one side of the canal, a fishing hut on the other

The sea is roaring under the blue sky. I’m watching the waves breaking at the rock barriers from the window, as a cotton sweater comforts me.

The last swim of the year happened on a windy day at the end of the longest and hottest summer of my life. It was brisk, and followed by lunch under the olive tree with good company and wine.

I missed being so close to nature; and looking at panoramas as far as my eyes can see, without any obstacles.

Walking path alongside a beach on the Adriatic sea at dusk. A few, dramatic clouds and waves
Rose-tinted little clouds over a quiet sea at sunset
Clear sky over a quiet sea, with rock barriers and a restaurant at the end of the bay
Our shadows overlook the morning and quiet sea, a pier and restaurant in front
The beach at sunset, dotted by closed umbrellas and chairs under a pink sky
The beach dotted with sea shells after the previous day's tempest. The sea is very quiet, and the sky blue and clear
An orange Mickey Mouse's hand shape sand mould left on the beach, with the long shadows of the morning sun around

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