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Week 9: Urquinaona

Melting pots and mulled vine TV shows.

  • Last week, I successfully sent out my newsletter without using Mailchimp. My previous attempt didn't work: some people received it, while others didn't. Read Design, Digested 23: Imposter syndrome and pockets if you missed it.
  • Christmas doesn't appeal to me much, with one exception: I can't resist a quirky, heartwarming, Scandinavian TV shows. Last year I watched both series of the Norwegian Home for Christmas, while I recently enjoyed the Swedish Love & Anarchy. Watching them is like drinking mulled vine to me.
  • Because of my French studies, I felt nostalgia for an early 2000s film: L'auberge espagnole — also known as Pot Luck — so we watched it again. A French student spends a year in Barcelona, living with other six people from all over Europe. It's a messy, lovable, melting pot that perfectly represents the European Union.
  • On Saturday, we had a pizza in super chaotic Porta Venezia with a person whose work I admire. Speaking English again has been refreshing.
  • We're going to have the Covid booster jab in two weeks.

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