Week 7: Pages and leaves

Newsletter changes, pages and falling leaves.

  • Last week, I created the Newsletter Archive section on my site. It follows my decision to leave Mailchimp and manage the Design, Digested newsletters on my own. As one of my biggest pet-peeves is how social media track us, eroding our online privacy, it seemed hypocritical of me to use a service that tracks its users. I'm happier not knowing what you clicked or when, even if it means going against every marketing best practice. Read my last letter (from Mailchimp).
  • I made a quick balance of the books read this year: they're four so far. Much less than I hoped, but it's still an achievement compared to the previous years. Although I have a long queue of reads spanning from novels to UX/technical, so the number might increase soon.
  • Today is one of those very rainy days in Milan. Colours look so much better. Autumn is in full swing, as you can see from the pictures I took on Saturday at the park.
Autumn scene in the park
Autumn scene in the park
Autumn in the park, Milan

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