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Week 6: Breathe

Overwhelming and underwhelming experiences. Decisions and promises.

  • Up until last week, there seemed to be an invisible barrier at the bastioni in Porta Venezia that stopped Simone and I from going to the city centre. Well, no more. We ventured toward Piazza San Babila and then Piazza Duomo, only to came home utterly overwhelmed. The crowd, the noise, and the breathlessness from the FFP2 masks were too much.
  • Boots recently opened in Milan. I bought medicines and beauty products there for years in the UK, so visiting such a smaller branch was underwhelming. They only sell the most expensive line of N°7 products, and prices are higher as a whole — probably because of the currency exchange and import fees. Nonetheless, I found one of my favourite moisturizing creams, which has a crucial 30SFP.
  • I also went to Zara to try their rechargable and cheap makeup products. So far so good. I don't agree with their clothing business model, but I like their effort to make products that can be recycled and replaced.
  • To overwrite the experience in the city centre, we walked in the big park. I recharged and made mental pictures, with the promise of coming back next time with the camera.
  • I am moving away from Mailchimp. I don't want to track you, and wish to continue what I started with this website.

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