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Week 4: Kalles

Pesky migraines, caviar, and photos.

  • The strongest memory I have of last week is that of a pesky migraine.
  • On Friday night, we went to Ikea to buy a few pieces of furniture to organise our room. Being surrounded by Swedish things reminded me that our last holiday was in February 2020, when we visited Jönköping and Stockholm. I felt overwhelmed with memories, sensations, and everything that comes with the prospect of moving to a new country.
  • I found comfort in food. Specifically, in a tube of Kalles Kaviar. I spread it on multigrain crispbread on Saturday morning, after a classically sweet Italian breakfast.
  • Organising the room meant we're now able to watch our favourite series again. We finished Sex Education, which we enjoyed a lot.
  • On Sunday, we visited Crespi d'Adda - Unesco site since 1995 - with friends. The day started quite gloomy, and became sunny in the afternoon. We had lunch by the river Adda: I ate a fritto misto.
  • The Ikea products names triggered my curiousity again, so I resumed my studies of the Swedish language. While I'am a it, I'm reviewing my French as well. The starting language is English for both, which probably makes it weird. I see it as a way to learn or maintain three languages at once.
  • The radiator in our room is still turned off.
Factory chimneys in Crespi d'Adda
Colourful boat on the Adda river
Crespi d'Adda factory cimneys / Adda river

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