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Week 3: Looking around

The one where I started doing things that feel more habitual.

  • I completed two courses with IDF (Interaction Design Foundation): Human-Computer Interaction - HCI, and Design for the 21st Century with Don Norman. I intend to finish three more before my membership expires in a few months.
  • Autumn is somewhat evident here, and it only gets colder in the morning and night (it's 18° on Monday afternoon, while I'm writing this). In the building, the central heating system has been switched on last week. We turned down the radiator in our room.
  • My hair grew 3cm in three months, so it was time for a new cut. I miss my trusted hairdresser in Cambridge, but the new one in Milan is just as good.
  • We took a train for the first time since September 2020. The last time I departed from Milano Centrale station was in January 2020.
  • I'm not able to cope with a bad night's sleep anymore. It's not just about the crankiness: mind and body don't work properly.
  • Being able to visit my family frequently is both nice and strange. My parents celebrated their 44th anniversary, and we ate too much.

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