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Week 1: Dizziness

In a bid to write more frequently, and to track events that might go overlooked, I’m starting to write weeknotes. I’m enjoining other people’s weekly reports because they feel personal. They could also be a good way to remind ourselves how many things we accomplish as opposed to what we perceive. Let’s start!

  • While Simone went to Milan last week, I stayed with my parents after almost two years.
  • On Saturday, I joined him in Milan, bringing most of our stuff with my dad.
  • I wanted to see more people while I was at the lake, but had strong dizziness on Tuesday morning, followed by a panic attack, and felt poorly for days.
  • The doctor fixed my very blocked ear, which might have caused the dizziness. Or is it my neck telling me it's sick of changing pillows?
  • We went out for a sushi in Milan, after a walk in the park. The sushi tasted so much better than the ones we had in Ravenna — which were actually decent.
  • Having spent a year in Ravenna, Milan — or even just this borough — feels immense. The last time I lived in a big city was back in 2015, when we left London for Cambridge.
A serene scene of a small beach on Lake Maggiore
A beach on Lake Maggiore

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