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Home, home again

The round journey that brought us home.

The neighbouring brick wall with ivy seen from the conservatory glass and through its reflections

It all started in September, when a joke between former neighbours turned into an unmissable opportunity. Now we’re renting the same house in Cambridge, where we lived for five years. Our journey back to the UK includes ten days of COVID, 57 boxes passed through customs and two one-way tickets.

Two weeks ago we were still in Italy, sorting and packing our belongings for the movers. While the organisation of the move itself seemed to take forever, everything else was incredibly fast. There hasn’t even been time to say goodbye to everyone in person.

In a way it feels like resuming our lives where we left off. Yet, things have changed and so have we. I remember clearly how strongly we wanted to leave in 2020. It was impossible to see a future in the UK. The three years spent in our home country may seem wasted, but they have served to make us realise where home is.

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