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The short story of how and why I started knitting.

My hands knitting a colourful hat in Continental left-handed knitting style, on a table with gorgeous lights and shadows

In 2013 I read an article on the benefits of knitting for developers. It was about unwinding following the pace and repetition of patterns. I was hooked.

In June that year I bought three beginners knitting classes from I Knit, the iconic knitting shop in Waterloo, London. That’s how I started. I don’t knit all year round but the longest hiatus started just before the pandemic. Last week, after reaching for my stash, I undid a few abandoned projects and started exercising again.

My knitting stash, full of colourful and unused yarn

For years I’ve been hoarding yarn, and it’s about time I start using it. What slowed me down was learning the right-handed English knitting style, while I’m left-handed. I didn’t think it could have been such a big deal at the time. After all I use the mouse with my right hand without problems.

Yet, it was only when I stumbled upon Rick Mondragon’s lessons on left-handed knitting that I appreciated the difference it made and the speed I gained. Now I use the Continental style as it’s more natural — the predominant hand works more — and it causes me less pain.

Fun fact: I don’t know how to knit in Italian. Having learned in the UK, I simply don’t know the words.

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