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About Drawabox

The most difficult part of the Drawabox program is the 50% rule.

Students are supposed to divide the time they spend drawing in two:

  • one half is dedicated to the exercises
  • the other is reserved to drawing for the sake of drawing.

Like many others, I have issues with the latter. Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with a subject, others to render it as I wished. It is, though, a crucial part of a process that takes time. Sometimes doodling helps me to avoid overthinking it. I drew this leaves-like composition on my tablet in my spare time recently and noticed how my mark is getting better lately.

A white page with curves of various lenghts drew on it, they might resemble leaves but it's the result of me doodling
The leaves-like composition I drew using the app Sketchbook on my tablet

πŸ”— Read about the 50% rule (on Drawabox website)

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