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#9 Inclusive design, problematic social media facts

Plus, a great music project and a break.

Dear Friends,

This week’s email reaches you later than usual. On Friday, my blog was offline most of the day while my husband moved it to a self-hosted domain. We sweated over some technical issues, or was it because of the 34°C temperature in Cambridge? You might wonder why this is important. My website is my online home and, while I take a break from social media, I want it tidy and working for when you’ll visit. I’m keeping a diary to record the progress of the break and will share it as soon as it feels complete. A preview: it’s not easy. 

I took a picture and published it on my site instead of Instagram. I miss the time when, before social media, our thoughts weren’t scattered on various platforms. 

On this week’s digest, I gathered a few interesting resources about inclusive design, accessibility and problematic facts about social media. See where I’m going? At the end of the digest – thank you for reading – you’ll find something different than usual. It’s a music video that links the nuclear attack on Hiroshima to a touching personal story.

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