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#8 A safe and accessible web for everyone

Looking at you, Facebook.

Dear Friends,

I have a few things to share with you this week. When I wrote the post about the Ravelry redesign, I knew it was important to offer a UX designer point of view on the matter. But I didn’t expect the attention it received. I’m glad many found it useful, and grateful to everyone who took the time to read and share it. In case you missed the post, find it here:

🔗 How Rebranding Cost Ravelry the Trust of Their Community

If you use Instagram, be aware of the ‘camera-on’ bug discovered by a user while testing Apple’s iOS 14 beta version. Whether it really is a bug or a feature, it is worrying from a privacy and security point of view. Read the post here:

🔗 Instagram’s “Camera On”Bug

Finally, in this week’s digest:

  • Ellen Pao, Reddit’s former tech executive, explains how she knows Facebook doesn’t take content moderation seriously.
  • The case for making the web safe and empowering for everyone.
  • The digital home of Press Freedom within a global computer game.
  • A game to help recognise disinformation.
  • Brilliant design projects to help fight coronavirus.

I hope you enjoy reading!

Stay safe,

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