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#59: Your choice

It has been over two month since I last wrote you, and I have yet to solve the dilemma of being frequently in other people’s inboxes while feeling overwhelmed by emails myself.

I decided to resume the Design, Digested series, and keep sending out emails to those who want them. The newsletter is also available via RSS, which is what I use to keep up to date with my favourite content.

What’s new

Mine has been a summer of eccessive temperatures – with a perceived 45ºC/113ºF for days – and consequent inability to be productive.

Most notably though, I went home. Simone and I visited Cambridge for a few days in August and felt like we had never left. It’s been somehow easier to describe my feelings when we visited London a month earlier. While in this case, I have yet to process them.

I’ve been reading and playing a lot. The following posts keep being updated:

Design, Digested 47 — Privacy, dreamhouses, the woman behind the author

The illusion of privacy, Barbie dreamhouses, Eileen O’Shaughnessy, the benefits of desk research and more.

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