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#55: A new project and Design, Digested 44


Do you ever wonder where do all the social media posts end up once they’re published? “I wish it were a blog post” is what I think every time I see an interesting one. This is partly what inspired a new project, which wasn’t initially conceived to be public.

The new project

My work as a designer entails paying attention to my surroundings and take notes. The digital and physical interactions I encounter inform what I will design next.

Without an archive, I ended up with my phone and laptop full of out of context screenshots that don’t mean much.

I’ve created a vault in Obsidian to gather good and bad user experiences. Then, Simone suggested I publish them on GitHub. That’s where you’ll find them — work in progress.

Design, Digested #44 — UX of a monopoly, Sabbath mode, buttons

On this issue:

  • Ticketmaster: the UX of a true monopoly
  • Has design become too dogmatic?
  • Should the confirmation button come first or last?
  • Design patterns for mental health
  • Sabbath mode and assistive technology features
  • Language, please

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