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#54: Floods, noise and Design, Digested 43


The advantage of working remotely is that you can be anywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet, can sit comfortably and find some quiet. With this in mind, we travelled to the Romagna coast at the beginning of the month. Then came the floods. A timely warning from the authorities allowed us to move to a safer place, and stay away from ground floors, rivers and the sea.

None of our places were affected, but not everyone is as fortunate as us. We were temporarily displaced, and our only current hiccup is the closure of the main railway. The news are still full of stories of loss and despair, and the tally of damage has started.

Postcards from Emilia-Romagna

While the region has been hardly hit by heavy rain, floods, and landslides, I want to celebrate it with some pictures taken a few days before it all started. And there are more linked at the end of the post.

🔗 See the pictures

I can’t work anywhere

Is it just me or are we living in a noisier world? There is growing evidence that cities are becoming noisier, while quiet is becoming a precious commodity.

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Design, Digested #43 — Design thinking went wrong, Fitts’ Law, visual frameworks

On this issue:

  • Design thinking was supposed to fix the world. Where did it go wrong?
  • 36 seconds that changed everything
  • Fitts’ Law in the touch era
  • Formulas for optical adjustments
  • Accessible but never boring
  • Visual frameworks to clarify your thoughts

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