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#5 Anti-racist lessons, empathic design, misogyny

Honest conversations and some fun.

Dear Friends,

This week I have two things to share with you. One is the new instalment of my design inspiration series. It’s time for honest conversations about anti-racism and misogyny in tech.

Don Norman, the father of the term user experience, doesn’t believe in empathic design. Empathy is paramount to understand the users’ needs and how to solve their problems. But Norman highlights how that’s impossible to achieve.

Also in the list, how the cookies consent boxes went too far, and a video about how the inventor of Super Mario Bros., Shigeru Miyamoto, designs video games.

The second one is a photography project that I recently published. I wanted to document the extraordinary times we’re living. By no means the situation changed, but it feels like the project should be over:

🔗 View the project Isolation Photo Diary

I hope you enjoy it!

Stay safe,

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