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#49 Rest and comfort culture

The end the year is usually the perfect moment to slow down. When still living in the UK, I used to take the whole festive period off and spend days doing nothing in particular. Taking long walks, cooking together, watching films without looking at the clock were a few favourite activities.

Ever since moving back to Italy, because of many different reasons, the festive season feels strange. I believe one needs to feel at home to really enjoy it.

2023 should be the year when we move back to the UK and build ourselves a home again. To slow down and wrap up, I suggest four articles:

  • What does it mean to really, truly rest?
  • Comfort culture — why do we return to our favorite TV shows and art?
  • How Hjärta Smärta challenged the male-dominated status quo in the early 2000s?
  • A lighter side of life — picture essay.

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