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#48 Personal updates and news from the blog

Ten days have passed since my surgery, and this morning I got the stitches removed. Everything went well but I might have been overly optimistic over the progress of my recovery. I still need to use macOS’s Voice Control, and I am getting better at it with practice.

Commanding a computer with my voice feels very natural, and it already seems like I won’t be using my computer as before. I am taking notes because I plan to write a blog post about this experience, hoping it will help somebody else.

It’s been two months since I started working as an accessibility consultant, so I wrote the second part of my accessibility diaries.

🔗 Read Accessibility diaries – Part 2

Today I also put together a new issue of Design, Digested, which features: classic HCI demos, going beyond Nielsen’s Usability Heuristics, Apple’s The Greatest and more.

🔗 Read Design, Digested 36 – HCI demos, usability heuristics, the greatest

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