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#47 One step at a time

Recovering and temporary disabilities

A somehow unexpected turn of events made me dictate this letter to you. A few days ago I had a small mole removed from my breast; nothing worrisome at the time of the first examination, but a stressful experience nonetheless.

Straining activities like typing on the keyboard make me tired and sore, which is what I must avoid to recover well. That makes me temporary disabled, and it can happen to anyone. Luckily, assistive technology are widely available, so I am learning to use macOS’s integrated Voice Control. Having always took keyboard/mouse/trackpad navigation for granted, there is a learning curve but I’m finding it straightforward so far.

Some time has passed until I published the latest Design, Digested, and forgot to tell you: why everything looks the same, the limits of contrast checkers, accessibility for vestibular disorders and more.

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