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#46 Memories, mementos, diaries


I made a few great discoveries while staying at my parents’. One is a book I bought in 2001 from a Bouquiniste in Paris, plus the train tickets kept inside it as memento — that I of course forgot about. The other is a Swatch watch I used to wear everyday in my early twenties – that’s roughly twenty years ago – that my mom decided to keep.

Sometimes when talking about the years spent in the UK, I get frustrated because I can’t remember some places’ names, or an event’s date. There are pictures, but the record itself is gone. I started keeping a journal more than a year ago, because I couldn’t rely on social media to keep my memories. It’s been a great decision for me, even if I don’t write every day.

A few articles on The Guardian recently got me obsessed with Alan Rickman’s diaries. He started keeping them in 1993, up until his death in 2015. They’re an absolute pleasure to read: fun, witty, especially his film reviews. What fascinates me is the care that goes into keeping a journal. It’s also an editing effort: what you write is what you want to remember, the rest can be forgotten.

This is the spirit that made me keep a work diary as well. To wrap up the first month of work as accessibility consultant for one of Italy’s major banks, I shared a few things I learned. It’s the first of a series of at least three – the length of my contract as of now.

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Plus, on the new Design, Digested: how technology is shaping the physical world, spying appliances, dyslexia-friendly typefaces and more.

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