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#44 Big updates, photography and the new Design Digested


Autumn has finally arrived here in the South of Europe.

As we took a late holiday the second week of September, I watched Summer ending on the day the strong and cold wind called bora swept the Adriatic coast. Later, we enjoyed the last bath of the season on a sunny, mild day. The water was cold, a fitting and invigorating goodbye to an awfully long and hot summer.

I had missed being in close contact with nature and the wide panoramas. Also, we stayed in a very small town after the high season, which always helps to ease the constant, underlying worries about COVID.

🔗 Take a look at some pictures I took on our walks on the beach

As I mentioned on the last newsletter, Simone and I are planning to go back to the UK. It’ll happen next year, when hopefully the global situation will be better. Soon, I’ll start looking for a job over there.

In the meantime, my career took a very interesting turn. The project I referred to some time ago started, so I am officially consulting on web accessibility. Together with a small team of professionals, I am helping UniCredit Bank comply with the WCAG 2.1 rules. It is an amazing opportunity to learn more about a topic I’m deeply interested in!

The new Design, Digested is about the accessibility of Netflix’s subtitles, racist tech, small businesses in Tokyo and more.

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