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#42 Just because you can doesn't mean you should

Cognitive overload


During this sweltering summer, I will start working on a very exciting project – more on this later. Design, Digested won’t take a break this year: I felt very inconsistent with my publications lately, and hope to go back to the originally intended pace.

The new issue starts with Distracted to death, a striking podcast episode about how today’s automobiles overload our brains’ cognitive abilities to a very dangerous point. In it, you can hear Emily Schubert, Senior Engineering Manager for Car Experience at Apple, talking about how they worked with automakers to reinvent the in-car experience. Is that a real need? Or is people’s safety being sacrificed just because it is possible to design such systems? Also in the latest issue:

  • Where’s the button? Designing for mode confusion
  • The “dark yellow problem” in design system color palettes
  • The Metaverse pretends that life is a game. That’s the whole problem
  • Instagram gets worse with dark patterns lifted from TikTok
  • Could sustainable websites increase energy consumption?
  • ‘I’ve taken a million pictures – 50 were good’: photographer Ferdinando Scianna

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