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#40 Design Digested 29, Mailchimp and RSS

The latest edition of Design, Digested is out!

Sunday morning, together with my husband and friends, I walked the 10km route through Milan in occasion of the Stramilano. The historic running competition had to be cancelled for two years because of the pandemic. We woke up early and, wearing the 2020 vest, walked among other smiling people. Despite the heat, it’s been a pleasant experience. We saw parts of the city we haven’t visited in years, which made us reminisce about our past.

It’s been reported that the streets remained clean, with no extra rubbish randomly left by the participants. A very good surprise!

Design, Digested 29

In this issue: the last design you’ll ever make, designing for the autistic community, cautionary tales from cryptoland, the problem with Nielsen Norman Group videos and more.

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How I stopped using Mailchimp

I tell you why and how I stopped using Mailchimp and what I did instead.

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Other news


I already knew that a lot of people still use RSS to read blogs. I’m one of them. Yet, I never thought that some would prefer reading newsletters using an RSS reader. That way they can organise and tag subscriptions as they see fit.

As a result, I now offer an RSS feed of this newsletter. The feed will be updated one or two days after a new email goes out, and the content will be the same.


I ditched the Italian version of the newsletter: there were not enough people on that list to make it cost effective. Although, if you missed the previous newletter, reply to this email to let me know if you prefer reading in Italian.

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