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#4 Diversity problems and bias

White, middle-class males designed the world, for themselves.

Dear friends,

It is clear by now that the tech industry has a diversity problem. As humans, we tend to group with people who look like us and share our interests, so it’s not surprising to find out that straight, white, middle-class males designed products which reflect themselves. The design industry is 71% white; therefore, when teams are not diverse, the products they build are biased.

To design for everyone, we need to consider the users’ context, hence, why we need professionals that can empathise with them. We need people to call us out on our assumptions. Data is already biased against women, as a powerful and provocative book reveals, so change must be happening now, a moment where algorithms and AI are becoming more prominent in our lives. These, and other intriguing topics — including a funny video about poorly designed doors — is what you’ll find in this week’s digest.

Also, I wrote an article about The UX of contact lenses containers.

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