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#39 Big changes happen overtime

The latest edition of Design, Digested is out!

I left my job at the end of 2019 with the intention of taking a few months to update my knowledge of UX, find a job in Sweden and start a new life. We all know what happened in 2020.

Fast-forward to today, I live in Italy and recently reviewed the content of my website to return to my origins. I’m a web designer and developer focused on usability, accessibility and information architecture. The entire site reflects that statement now. My projects page is filled with both past work and my side projects, without separation.

It’s the natural progression of a process that started when I built my website to contain my digital life. With the latest change I stopped projecting an identity instead of my authentic self.

What’s new

A lot. Let me give you some directions.

Design, Digested #28

Discover the designers misguided concerns about disabled bodies; the future of accessibility standards; the infinite scroll effect; the influence of 80s cult phemon Max Headroom and more.

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The changing season

Same landscape, never the same. My daily commute by bicycle documented using a phone camera between 2016-2017 in Cambridge, UK.

🔗 See the project


A work-in-progress list of websites and blogs I read and take inspiration from. Yes, it’s the good old blogroll.

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Now with projects, blog posts by year, categories and more tags.

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RSS feed

Following Simone’s useful article, I’ve personalised and styled my RSS feed and I’m happy with the result!

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