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#38 Design, Digested 27 is out and filled with resources

The latest edition of Design, Digested is out!


As it’s been a long time since the last Design, Digested, I prepared a very rich edition. It contains everything I found interesting in the past two months, from false empathy in design to a beautiful photo project, via the sustainability of fast fashion and how the design community is responding to the invasion of Ukraine.

🔗 Read Design, Digested 27: False empathy, fast fashion, gender pay gap, and more

Other news

I joined Mastodon, the community-owned, ad-free and decentralised social network. On there, my article about quitting social media really took off – the irony, right? So far, so good: it’s a quieter place than Twitter, and the absence of algorithms is refreshing. Let’s see how this experiment goes.

I resumed my Drawabox exercises and liked the film Toc Toc so much I started learning Spanish.

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