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#37 What changed and what's next

After a challenging period, here's what's new and what's coming.


After a challenging period over Christmas and the beginning of the new year, I couldn’t sit down and write a post, even though there’s a list of subjects waiting for my attention. As mentioned in my latest newsletter, I stopped writing Weeknotes. Instead, I published a new section called Notes.

The latest notes include:

  • The decision not to follow live news;
  • A photography fact learned by unfortunate chance;
  • Thoughts on design tools;
  • An important design book I'm currently reading.

🔗 Check the Notes section on my website

Other news

When Simone and I published my new website in September last year, we didn’t consider it finished. In fact, we’re constantly making it better. The latest improvement is the fancy photo gallery with a carousel that Simone built using pure HTML and CSS. You can see it in action in the post Four days in Bordeaux.

Furthermore, all images on the site are now either responsive or highly optimised: navigating it on mobile won’t drain your data allowance. These steps allow for a huge impact on sustainability. There’s a new way to comment: check it at the end of posts, under Reactions.

What’s next

As I started my career as a designer and developer, I can share a wealth of helpful resources. I’m working on a new website that gathers tips and snippets to help designers that are interested in coding. More on this soon!

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