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#36 Design, Digested 26: Tabula rasa

A clean slate

Let’s start with a blank slate, a tabula rasa. To contrast the preconceptions engulfing the UX field, I gathered a few articles to help setting the record straight.

In particular:

  • Stop solving problems in design;
  • Drop everything that comes from the book “The Lean Startup“;
  • What to do instead of following the three-clicks rule.


  • Digital is the problem;
  • An oral history of Beastie Boys’ artwork;
  • And more.

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What’s new

I stopped writing my Weeknotes at week 9. In hindsight, it was predictable. The series was supposed to be personal, but not every week I felt comfortable sharing publicly. Therefore it run its natural course.

Thanks to the helpful suggestion of one subscriber, the majority of links on my website now open on the same tab. I leave it to you to decide if you want to open a new one instead. This should help if, like me, you have many tabs open in your browser.

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