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#35 Blue Beany Day, UX of checkout flows, Ikea names and more

Design, Digested 25 is out!


A couple of weeks ago, after the last newsletter sent from Mailchimp, I wrote one that only a few of you received. Sorry for the inconvenience! It was about viewing imposter syndrome from a different perspective. If you didn’t receive it, check it out in the archive. If you’re interested in a psychologist’s point of view on the matter, watch Delta CX’s podcast with Dr. Seth Finkle.

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Design, Digested 25

30 November marks Blue Beany Day, the annual invitation to design accessible, web-standards-based websites. Also in this issue:

  • The endless search for “here” in the unhelpful “click here” button
  • Crossing the digital divide: Chinese seniors get smart tech support
  • The current state of checkout UX - 18 common pitfalls & best practices
  • Drawing a tree: uncommon vintage Italian meditation on the existential poetics of diversity and resilience through the art and science of trees
  • Discover the originals
  • The IKEA Dictionary

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Jeremy Bearimy

Something new in the place where time flows differently.


Week 9: Melting pots, and mulled vine TV shows.

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