Black women in UX, how to foster creativity and an unimpressed Bowie

It’s up to us.

Dear friends, 

It feels like something is moving in the right direction. At least online, a lot of people are interested in listening to black people. But will there be changes in our day-to-day lives? As far as I’m concerned, the design community is, for the vast majority, white. It’s undeniable that white people designed society as it is now. As a consequence, the world is not intended for everyone. Now it’s up to us to voice our concern within our organisations: we cannot design for inclusion if our teams are not diverse. 

IBM made a bold move against racially biased surveillance, but will other companies follow? This week also saw Quaker Oats and Mars announcing a branding review for Aunt JemimaUncle Ben and others.  I was delighted to see a video from 1983, where David Bowie scolded MTV for not playing videos by black artists. His unimpressed gaze must have hurt! Also this week: structure helps both creativity and productivity. Ian Fleming had an interesting work routine that helped him write Casino Royale.

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