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#3 Black women in UX and how to foster creativity

It’s up to us.

Dear friends,

It feels like something is moving in the right direction. At least online, a lot of people are interested in listening to black people. But will there be changes in our day-to-day lives? As far as I’m concerned, the design community is, for the vast majority, white. It’s undeniable that white people designed society as it is now. As a consequence, the world is not intended for everyone. Now it’s up to us to voice our concern within our organisations: we cannot design for inclusion if our teams are not diverse.

IBM made a bold move against racially biased surveillance, but will other companies follow? This week also saw Quaker Oats and Mars announcing a branding review for Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben and others. I was delighted to see a video from 1983, where David Bowie scolded MTV for not playing videos by black artists. His unimpressed gaze must have hurt! Also this week: structure helps both creativity and productivity. Ian Fleming had an interesting work routine that helped him write Casino Royale.

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