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#25 Why I couldn’t sketch and new music for you

The one where I can’t act on my own advice.

Dear Friend,

Yesterday night, Simone and I saw a hedgehog feeding on the cats’ meal with her little one. What a delightful sight! And we recently had news from our former neighbour in Cambridge confirming the young hedgehog we took care of last year is well and safe. He’s in good hands.

Back in March, I wrote a blog post on the importance of sketching in UX and beyond, where I enthusiastically suggested sketching every day. However, I couldn’t act on my own advice. Two months later, I’d still stare at the blank page, not knowing what to draw and how, and then give up.I need structure and some guidance to make it work. Even better if the guidance comes from someone skilled, so that I can learn the fundamentals.

Earlier this week, I started drawing every every day. The results are very questionable – is that a cat or a spider? – but it feels like I’m going somewhere. My new journey started with an article shared on LinkedIn by a woman who, like me, fears the blank page. I could think of other instances where the same fear influenced me: work and photography.

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New music

In other (great) news, Simone is working on a new album and, today, two songs are available for streaming or buying on Bandcamp. I’ve listened to them multiple times already – they’re amazing.

Both songs feature lyrics referencing the painful process of living in England through Brexit, both pre and post referendum.
‘Land Of Kings’ features the exact TV announcement that I witnessed at sunup on the day of the referendum. ‘Papillon’ contains a well-known section of the maiden speech by Jo Cox — murdered by a far-right extremist a few days before the referendum — at the House of Commons.The love and craft we put into remixing these beautiful songs, are dedicated to her and to all the people who feel displaced and disoriented in this world.

🔗 Read the article and listen to the songs (on Minutes to Midnight's website)

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