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#22 A forgotten feeling

And now, some rest 😴.

Dear Friend,

The last two weeks have been intense, but I finally feel satisfied. In my last letter, I told you about my plan to have another case study published and the website tweaked. I’m not sure where this energy comes from, but I did everything and something more. Before taking a short break to recharge my batteries, let me share the latest with you.

Reminiscing about the work done for UniCredit Bank years ago boosted my confidence. If you have the time to read it, I hope you enjoy it.

🔗 Read the case study

After 1989: A trip to freedom is my husband Simone’s debut solo album, and an emotional journey. I documented it with pictures and created two music videos.

🔗 View the project

At the beginning of the month, we’ve enjoyed very mild temperatures. Now it’s cold again, but the flowers don’t care about that. The wisteria in the yard is blooming.

🔗 View the blog post Wisteria in bloom

If you wish to see more picture, I’m on Flickr :)

See you soon!

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