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#2 Language, Mobile Approach and Responsive Design at 10

Defining books, the words we use and more.

Dear friends,

This week I want to share some crucial articles and books from the past twenty years, and some other information related to the new normal we’re currently living.

Responsive Web Design is ten years old. That’s something. Ethan Marcotte’s article changed the way we design and develop websites. The books Don’t Make Me Think, and Mobile First are respectively 20 and 9 years old. And yet, they’re still relevant today.

Our word choice is crucial. Language sets the tone of the stories we tell and influence how people perceive them. German politicians don’t use the same language of other nations when they talk about the virus (and I like it).

I can’t wait to attend a webinar about designing with the constraint of social distancing. As it seems this is going to be the norm for the foreseeable future, we need to understand the problem and all its implications, quickly.

Stay safe,

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